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Change a Swatch Watch Strap How-To

Changing the watch strap on a swatch watch is slightly different to changing it on a normal watch. Swatch watches do not use spring bars; rather they have a notched watch strap which is held in place by a metal bar. To change a swatch watch strap, you will need a pin or other small, pointed object, like the drift end of a spring bar removal tool (available here).

To change your swatch watch strap, firstly make sure that the other side of the watch is supported appropriately to avoid accidentally pushing it over or cracking it under pressure. Then, carefully use your drift to drive the pin out of the watch strap and the watch case. Obviously it would be best to use a drift that is smaller than the pin you are removing, otherwise you may break the shoulders of the watch.

Caution!! If your watch is old and made of plastic, take care when doing this; sometimes the plastic will have become brittle with age and may snap or crack if handled heavily.

Sometimes the pin will stick a little, and you may need to gently tap it with a small pair of pliers to get enough of the pin to protrude so that you can pull it out with a pair of pliers. When you have removed the pin, take your new swatch watch strap and fit it into the gap in the watch case.

If you are buying a new watch strap and want to know how to measure the watch to find out what size watch strap you need, see this page.

When you have fitted the new watch strap into place, carefully push the pin back into place, again, using the drift and tapping it gently if it sticks a bit.

There is a guide here with really good pictures to show the process in more detail.
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