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Leather Watch Straps

Note: Nearly all of the watch straps displayed here can be purchased by clicking on the image or the text link above them.

Leather watch straps are probably the most popular type of watch strap due to their traditional appearance. Most leather watch straps are made from calf hide and can be treated in a number of different ways to achieve different colours, textures and patterened effects.

Leather watch strap

Here is a picture of a plain leather watch strap (extra long, in this case), which you can buy by clicking on the image.

A wide range of animal-skin effects are available; some genuine and some recreated. Just some include crocodile grain, lizard grain, ostrich, sting-ray, buffalo, camel and mustang. Below is a picture of a lizard-grain strap and a genuine ostrich watch strap. Genuine skin watch straps from WatchBattery (UK) Ltd.:

Lizard leather watch strap

Lizard grain watch strap
Ostrich leather watch strap

Genuine ostrich watch strap
Sting ray leather watch strap

Genuine sting-ray watch strap

The leather can be treated in a number of different ways to give a huge variety of colours. You can buy leather watchstraps in the tradition black, brown and tan, but also in red, green, orange, purlple, pink, blue and yellow, amongst other shades. Here is a denver calf leather padded strap in navy blue:

Blue leather watch strap

The buckles on the watch straps come in two main varieties: silver-coloured, usually made from chrome, and gold-coloured, usually made with gilt plating. You can see the two differing buckle colours in the picture of the triple-padded watch straps below.

Triple padded leather watch strap

The watch straps above are a good example of padded watch straps. Some watch straps contain cushioning that is stitched into the watch strap to give extra comfort. The stitching that holds the padding inside the watch strap can come in different colours too.

Some watch straps come with special features like this protective cover watch strap:

Protective leather watch strap

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