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Measure a Swatch Watch Strap How-To

Measuring a swatch watch strap is a little trickier than measuring a normal one, namely because there are two different ways of doing it, and although one is incorrect, many websites use this incorrent measurment to describe the size of their swatch watch straps on sale.

The proper way to measure a swatch watch strap is to do the same as measuring a normal watch strap, which is to measure the distance between the shoulders of the watch, like so:

Watch straps:how to measure a swatch watch strap

You can see that this measurement is also the same distance as measuring the distance between the two outer edges of the furthest notches on the watch strap. This measurement will most likely come out to be around 12mm, 17mm or 19mm. Now, this is the correct measurement for your strap, but you may see some websites listing swatch watch straps with dimensions of 12mm, 20mm or 22mm. This is because if you take the incorrect measurement, these are the values that you will get for the full width of the strap (apart from the 12mm, which seems to be the same everywhere, but whose incorrect measurement would be around 14-15mm).

So, if you measure your watch strap correctly, you will need to purchase the following strap:

Correct MeasurementIncorrect Measurement / Some Websites List As…

So, make sure that you order the correct size of swatch watch strap!

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