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Open-Ended Watch Straps

Another type of watch strap is the open-ended watch strap. These are not as common as the normal, swatch or velcro types, and they aren't attached to the watch case by spring bars or pins; they have different ways of being attached to the watch case.

Open-ended watch straps only fit watch cases that have fixed bars, and they work by folding over the fixed bar to make a loop, and then being secured in place either by glue, a screw, or metal clasps, like those on the end of a split pin, that fit through two slits in the watch strap.

When fitting an open-ended watch strap, the leather or other material of the watch strap is folded over the fixed bar on the edge of the watch. The other end is then secured with glue, clasps or a screw. This is a picture of an open-ended watch strap that has to be attached to the watch case with glue.

Open-ended watch strap

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