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Other Watch Straps

Note: Nearly all of the watch straps displayed here can be purchased by clicking on the image or the text link above them.

As well as there being leather and swatch watch straps, watch straps come in a huge variety of other materials and patterns. Because watches are used in such a large range of situations and for different activities, straps have to be made appropriately for their purpose.

Some other common types of watch strap are resin, nylon and rubber. As these are tough and durable, and quite often waterproof, they are used in sports applications such as when diving or windsurfing. The most common type of strap to be used for water sports is probably something like this resin style 2 watch strap:

Resin watch strap

Nylon straps are also strong, especially these high density nylon watch straps:

Nylon watch strap

Watch straps with velcro can be extremely handy, as it means that you don't have to fiddle with the buckle to get them on and off. They too come in different colours, like the nylon velcro sports watch straps shown below:

Velcro watch strap

Some watch straps are made from a combination of leather and nylon, like these combat-style leather and nylon watch straps:

Nylon and leather watch strap

Even some completely leather-made watch straps can be waterproof and safe for use whilst swimming or doing other water sports. These waterproof leather watch straps from Zuccolo, Rochet and Cie are a good example:

Leather watch strap

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