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Spring Bars for Watch Straps

Note: You can purchase any of the spring bars mentioned here.

Spring bars are spring-loaded pins that hold the watch strap to the watch case. They are compressed between the two shoulders of the watch case and fit into indentations on the inside of the metal shoulders. They come in various lengths, obviously so that they can fit different sizes of watch case and therefore different strap sizes, but they also come in different diameters. The most common diameter is 1.8mm, which will fit most watches.

We have a page explaining how to measure the size of watch strap that your watch needs.

You can also get spring bars in 1.2mm and 1.5mm diameters, as well as a range of lengths, from 8mm all the way through to 30mm.

Spring bars are also used to hold the buckle in place as well as the watch case. If you should ever need to change a buckle or a strap for your watch, you will have to remove the spring bars. As they are spring-loaded, this can be a little tricky, but is made a lot easier with the help of a spring-bar removal tool.

Spring bars look like this:

Watch strap spring bars

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