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Swatch Watch Straps

Note: Nearly all of the watch straps displayed here can be purchased by clicking on the image or the text link above them.

Swatch watch straps are a little different to normal watch straps. Rather than using spring bars to hold them into place, they use a metal pin which attaches the watch strap to the watch case. The ends of the swatch watch straps are notched so that they fit into the corresponding notched shape of the swatch watch case.

Because swatch watch straps are normally made from resin or (slightly less commonly) leather, they come in a huge variety of colours. Here you can see black, green, red, yellow, white and even translucent swatch watch straps:

Swatch watch strap

You can see the notched end that fits into the swatch watch case, shown above with the fitting bar fitted through the notched end, a feature specific to Swatch watch straps.

Swatch watches also come in leather, like these textured leather swatch watch straps:

Swatch watch strap

Swatch watch straps are also available in a variety of different coloured leather, such as these smooth coloured leather Swatch watch straps:

Leather Coloured Swatch watch strap

A full range of Swatch watch straps, including some metal Swatch bracelet type straps can be seen here:

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